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KENNYWOOD CONNECTIONC (http://www.kpconnection)This site is a very popular place for Kennywood fans.  It has forums that the members are very active in.
KENNYWOOD BOULVARD ( This Kennywood fan website is well designed and contains many wonderful pictures of Kennywood.  If you want full coverage pictures of the Phantom's Revenge, this is the site.
ROLLER COASTER DATABASE ( This roller coaster website contains information on almost every roller coaster on the planet.  It is well organized and has great pictures.
JOYRIDES ( This website's main focus is roller coasters (or seems to be) but it also has a nice collection of non-coaster rides. 
COASTER BUZZ ( This website is a rumor heaven for coaster lovers.  It contains very active forums.
COASTER GALLERY ( This website is by far the best source for roller coaster pictures. 
AMUSEMENT PARK HISTORY ( This website is full of interesting facts and stories on numerous parks across the country.  It also has a nice collection of trip reports.
MIKE'S HISTORIC AMUSEMENT PARKS ( This website full of old and amazing postcards from operating parks such as Kennywood or Conneaut to defunct paks such as West View or Casade.



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